Dead Media (2010)                                                             Installation View>>
Site Specific solo exhibition which was part of the main programme for the National Arts Festival 2010 and installed in the Dr Hewitt Gallery at the Albany Natural Science Museum.
The site ordinarily functions as an old fashioned educational display and its layout is reminiscent of a colonial curiosity cabinet with samples, mementos and stuffed animals which represent a far too broad yet selectively limited glance at natural science, biology and anthropology all crammed into one room.

For Dead Media, the room was darkened and a series of videos, sound and lightboxes in the shape of specimen jars were added to the display. The content of these were a combination of metaphoric representations of abstract concepts and digitally altered live things in motion - trees in a breeze, a bloated decaying rat covered in flies.

These light emitting, moving interventions seemed more closely related to 'the real' than the stuffed animals and desiccated seed pods which were now in shadow. Yet because they are digitally manipulated, virtual with no tangible worldly substance, the digital media is more dead (in that it has never truly lived) than the selective samples of the room's original long dead curator.