Site specific collaborative performance produced by Gavin Krastin, Alan Parker and Rat Western in association with First Physical for the National Arts Festival 2012.
Playing off of the popular culture apocalyptic hype of 2012 and the Mayan Calendar Doomsday prophesy, DISCHARGE took its starting point from an imagined catastrophe that has left the performers and audience to play out a post-apocalyptic narrative.

The audience/'survivors' were transported in army trucks to the First Grahamstown Army Base where the performance was situated in a military hangar - the last quarantined outpost. Here, the performers used the post apocalyptic narrative to examine the post apartheid/post-colonial/post-modern cultural zeitgeist. Through a series of borrowed, mixed up and mutated cultural archetypes and references the cast attempted to make something 'new' from the ashes of Ít's all been done.'