DISCHARGE (2012) Entertaining the troops and Rations Clerk
One of several characters played by the cast, this figure borrows from 1940's wartime entertainers such as Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Martha Raye and Marlene Dietrich.
Ostensibly transported to a site of conflict, this woman finds herself stuck in the role of both entertainer and kitchen mess supervisor. She alternately sings distorted versions of wartime classics (I'll Be Seeing You, We'll Meet Again, Begin the Beguinne, They Can't Take That Away From Me) and doling out rations of cat food to the audience.
Eternally trapped in this halfway station, she digs threw garbage for potentially useful material and clips adverts from bargain furniture catalogues to add to her wall of till slips and other souvenirs of commodity promise - Six months to pay! Immediate Delivery!